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Actually too many to mention. From the most beautiful villages in France there are but least six in the Limousin. Not only villages, but also large cities such as Brive - La Gaillarde and Limoges are nearby. The nature is beautiful and unspoiled, it is indeed the most beautiful region of France. Food, drinks, sports, markets (flea market) and lounging in a luxurious and beautiful surroundings, what more do you need to make your holiday a success!



Six of "France's Prettiest villages" are located in Limousin. Discover their history. Stroll down our picturesque lanes, relax in the shade of one of our region's centennial trees, sit on the terrace of one of our cafés.

Limousin has a rich medieval past : visit its sites and take part in its many medieval celebrations! More recently, artists, writers, film directors and designers came to Limousin for inspiration. 



Discover the rich heritage of the Limousin, but also the more recent history has been written here such as the impressive WW11 site of Oradour-sur-Glane



Limousin is a true golf destination, renowned for the exceptional locations of its golf courses: Six out of  ten golf courses are 18 hole courses. 

River rafting


The district of the 1000 lakes it is called. So when you are into rafting and other water sports, this is the place to be. There is even a lake exceeds a 1000 acres., the famous lake Lac de Vassieviere.

Hiking & Cycling

In the green lungs of France there are thousands and thousands of miles of roads, tracks to Hike and Cycle.

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